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You're My Favorite Green Download | SHANNONAMILLER.COM

Although I might be a little late to the Valentine’s parade, I had to wait to post this so I didn’t spoil the surprise for my own Valentine.

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, and the funny thing is I spent most of these holidays without a significant other to share it with. I guess to me, this day was never about if I was in a romantic relationship or not, but it served as a perfect reminder about how loved and blessed I really am.

In fact, in college (regardless of if I was dating anyone) I always invited my close friends—guys & girls, single or taken—over to celebrate together. This usually involved me decorating my apartment with lots of hearts and serving an assortment of chocolate fondue. Looking back I’m not sure what they thought of this gesture, but I loved serving and celebrating my friends this way so I really didn’t care.

When the first Valentine’s Day rolled around with my now husband, we decided that we weren’t going to put too much pressure on celebrating this day. 1) His birthday happens to be the day before, and 2) do we really need to spend lots of money on gifts and wait for hours at a crowded restaurant to celebrate our love for each other?

So our game plan became simple and (possibly) homemade.


We’ve been together for 5 Valentine’s Days and while I can’t remember all of the gifts I received from my husband, I do remember the first one. In fact, I look at it every day since it still sits proudly on my desk.

He gave me flowers that last “forever” and a homemade card…pretty sweet.

This year I decided to get a little crafty on the computer and created this little design for my husband. He really is my favorite.


And I thought I would show you a little love and share the design with you as well. You can even pick between a few different colors—green, pink, and purple. Simply print them out, trim and put them in a frame….and it’s a perfect gift for Valentine’s or really any time for the favorite person in your life.

You're My Favorite Green Download | SHANNONAMILLER.COM You're My Favorite Pink Download | SHANNONAMILLER.COM You're My Favorite Purple Download | SHANNONAMILLER.COM

Click on an image above to download a PDF of the design.

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