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The Case for the WordPress Theme

According to the StrengthsFinder test, one of my strengths is the Maximizer. What this means is that I “seek to transform something strong into something superb.” Basically I don’t like to mess around with things that are subpar and make them okay…I like to take things that are already working well and functioning and make […]

Design: You’re My Favorite (free printable download)

Although I might be a little late to the Valentine’s parade, I had to wait to post this so I didn’t spoil the surprise for my own Valentine. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, and the funny thing is I spent most of these holidays without a significant other to share […]

Note to self: Let this be a reminder

Since I can remember I have had dreams of starting my own business. I think it was something I thought I would do down the road, and I thought it would take form in many different shapes and sizes. Then one day I realized “down the road” was now. So I jumped in. I have […]

Font Love: Holiday Dingbats

I have recently discovered how great dingbats are. In fact, I am going a little dingbat crazy this holiday season. So I thought I would share my crazies with you and present a list of 8 holiday-inspired dingbats to add to your own collection—all free for you to download. These are great for web icons, […]

Font Love: Scripts

Here are 8 of my favorite script fonts…all free for you to download. Because sometimes you need a little fancy in your life!  League Script  /  Branboll  /  AkaDora  /  Lavanderia  /  Channel  /  Honey Script  /  Japan  /  Always In My Heart